About Us

Founded in Sept.2000,SuzhouXinda Escalator Parts Co.,Ltd. Is currently a leading enterprise in the Chineselift parts industry with the superior quality, the complete varieties, theperfect service. The company is located in the central erea amid jiangsu,Zhejiang and Shanghai Changjiang River Delta. It is easilya accessible by air,land or water. In the neighborhood, it has six famous towns and regions of riversand lakes with the profound humane details.

The company covers an area of106,000 square meters with 41,000 square meters of building area. It includestwo Xinda factory houses and two workshops. It owns 130 sets of variousadvanced mechanical processing equipments, escalator, auto-walk, 50 sets ofupper/lower drive assembly large-size technological installations, 50 sets ofupper/lower single sheet welding special-purpose technological installations, 2main drive axle production flow-lines.

It owns the advanced NCmachining center,the imported plate shearing machine, bender, laser cutter,welding robot, multi-station NC punch press, large-size sand thrower, dryingoven equipments etc.

The company is equipped with adaily productive capacity of 40 escalator parts assembly. It has 460 full-timeemployees among which 45 devote themselves to the technological R&D Center,Technical dept., Quality Inspection Dept., Production Planning Dept., PurchaseDept., dynamics Equipments Dept., Sales Dept., Financial Dept., BusinessManagement Office.

Our company passes ISO9000:2000Quality System Certification and Metering Qualification Certification . Itformulates the related quality manual, program manual, work manual to variousdepartments. It passes through all kinds of the superior testing facilities andmeans. It implements the effective test to the products. It carries out afull-course superior and monitor to the product manufacture. This company hasbeen appraised as “One of Ten-Power Private Sci-Tech Enterprises in SuzhouCity”, “One of ten-Finest Private Enterprises & Civilized Units in WujiangCity”.It owns 6 workshops, i.e.Metal-Working Workshops, Spare Workshop, Upperand Lower Parts Workshop, Truss Workshop, Automatic Paint Spray Workshop,Sub-System Workshop, Delivery Center.

The company has thescale; technology; brand and cost advantages. It will be a leading escalatorparts production base and manufacturer in China.