High speed elevator


“Blue Leopard”serial speedy commercial lift deducts an innovative spirits that keeps abreastwith the times.  Those who are mostly intelligent in the upper classsplendidly demonstrate the construction vertical transport art by the precedingfar-sighted international field of vision and the courageous wisdom of theleading figures.  It features as the consummate craft & technology,smart, effective, energy-saving, environmental protection, the more cozy andgraceful riding space.  It has both the wonderful and harmonious dynamicand static characteristics.


1.Potentialcharm Energy-saving•the remarkable advantages

XINDA “BlueLeopard” serial speedy commercial lift employs the famous permanent magnetsynchronous & gearless traction machine technology in the world. Itfeatures as the energy-saving, environmental protection, high speed, soundcoziness, prompt reaction etc. It comprehensively protects the environment withthe remarkable advantages so that you can fully enjoy the life pleasure here.

2.Theintellectual control is a key and indispensable constituent in the advanced XINDA lift control

system. It alsosplendidly displays the forerunner intellectual life of XINDA Blue Leopardserial speedy commercial lift. The fully computerized intellectual controlsystem fulfills the multi-microcomputer, modular and network control.

Product specificationstable

Product standard: Blue leopard car decoration & Gold leopard car decoration