Silver Swallow


Silver Swallowserial small machine room lift combines with the “magic merit”of the modernscience and technology.  It adopts the compact and concentrated VVVFgearless traction machine.  It optimizes the utility factor of thespace.  The machine room area accords with that from the well.  Itlargely saves the construction time and materials.  It is as light, acuteand flexible as a swallow.  Silver Swallow serial small machine room lifttruly fulfills the high pragmatism and cost performance of the elevators. It comprehensively satisfies the space requirements with different sizes andcharacteristics to the architectures.  Melody blooms in the pure peace andexquisiteness.


1. Tractionsystem with green environmental protection

2. Compactcontrol cabinet

3.The effective energy-saving car lighting

Productspecifications table

Product standard