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XINDA  passenger lift employs the excellent controlsystem which integrates the advanced modular computer control technology, theintegrated serial communication network, the loop communication network, the self-diagnosissystem, the intellectual collective selective, the group supervision dispatchsystem etc. into a whole.  It comprehensively elevates the systematictravel efficiency and the sound reliability.  It brings about the mostoptimized value repay for you!


1.Top-grade VVVF variablefrequency door machine system

It utilizes the advanced VVVFvariable voltage & variable frequency control technology to the lift doormachine system so as to ensure the smooth lift door and the quiet switch. It enhances the sensitivity of the lift door switch and automatically regulatesthe most proper switch speed in every floor to guarantee the fine security andreliability.

2.Extraordinary serialcommunication network

XINDA  passenger lift uses the serial networkcommunication to greatly decrease the wire distribution, increase thereliability and shorten the installation period.

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