As one of the largest domesticescalator and auto-walk production base with the independent intellectualproperty rights, XINDA  Elevatorcomprehensively elevates the product design by the harmonious transportconcept. We lead a new trend in the escalator manufacture by the concise andpopular model.

XINDA  serial escalator and auto-walk use the humanedesign ideas. It integrates aesthetics, safety and environmental protectioninto one. It provides vast customers with dignified outline, reliable quality,and outstanding performance.


1.XINDA  escalator and auto-walk adopt the highintensity metallic structure that results in the more compact product outlinedimension. It chooses supraconscious aesthetic design to lead the world’strend. It perfectly matches the surrounding environments and the constructionsas well. The distinguished appearance not only shows the deluxe andaristocratic architecture, but also gives a novel and advanced breath of thetimes.

2.The guardrail is pre-installed withthe host mechanical system. The compact design of the handrail drive systemreduces the escalator size and more effectively utilizes the building space.

3.The utilization of the new drivetechnology and the intellectual control system makes the running of XINDA  escalator more energy-saving andenvironment-friendly. The optional automatic stopping and running mode is moreenergy-saving because of the reduction of the running period. The optionalintellectual variable frequency technology (VVVF) and ECO usually saves 60% ofthe energy on occasion of scarce flow of people.

4.Its superior design and integratedspare parts can more flexibly conform with the needs from both the commercialand public traffic and transportation.

Product specifications table

Product standard